Not Your Puzzle: Autistic Voices for Autistic Equity

Actually Autistic & Angry

Content Warning:
Mentions of

Autistic Abuse

Humans openly expressing
their emotions creatively

I wanted to take on this project and art exhibit to find a creative way to challenge people’s perceptions about what they think they know about being autistic.

“Vaporescence” Jodi Dudrow. Mixed Media acrylic painting, 2017.Image Description: Big red anatomical heart as central focal point on a black background. Heart has flowing water running down the front of it that leads down into a large body of water at its base.

For this particular exhibit I put a call out to autistic artists to help me creatively represent the differences between autism awareness, acceptance, and equity. I asked them, what feelings did these topics invoke in them when discussed? How can we present this to help an audience understand better why so many of us in the autistic community struggle having our voices fully…

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